Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Nattokinase Dangers

The word on the street is that the supplement called Nattobiotic is
the newest available product containing raw nattokinase, and is quickly disappearing from the shelves of stores that carry it.  Because Nattobiotic has the best nattokinase available on the market, it is no wonder people are rushing to purchase it.

Why use Nattobiotic

Many companies are placing dietary supplements containing nattokinase on their shelves today.  How does a consumer decide which one to purchase?  Aren’t they all basically the same?  The answer to that question is NO, not all supplements are the same.  The FDA does not regulate dietary supplements, so the factories where they are produced are not checked, and the quality of ingredients used can vary.  Nattobiotic uses raw nattokinase from only the highest quality sources available.  There are no dangerous fillers in the capsules of Nattobiotic, so consumers can be assured that they are consuming the best nattokinase available.

Can Nattokinase be dangerous to take?

Nattokinase is an enzyme that is derived from the cheesy substance obtained from fermented soybeans called natto. This food has been consumed in Japan for thousands of years, and has probably been one factor in the low rate of heart disease, high blood pressure, and strokes among the Japanese.  Nattokinase is a natural supplement that helps prevent the formation of blood clots inside our bodies, which can be responsible for heart attacks and strokes.

When taking the best nattokinase as directed, it can have a positive effect on your heart and circulatory health.  However, taking taking it with certain medications such as blood thinners can be extremely dangerous. 

What are the dangers of taking nattokinase?

Our body produces an enzyme called plasmin that dissolves and breaks down a substance called fibrin so that our blood flows through our systems efficiently. Plasmin is produced all throughout our circulatory system, but production slows down as we age. Nattobiotic, a brand name of raw nattokinase, helps increase the amount and efficiency of plasmin. In essence, nattokinase helps to naturally thin the blood.

A possible danger of taking nattokinase occurs when someone who is already taking blood-thinning medication such as Coumadin or Plavix, also takes nattokinase without their doctor’s knowledge.  Mixing prescribed blood-thinners and nattokinase could create a very dangerous situation where a person may not be able to stop bleeding.   Unfortunately, the damage could become life-threatening before the symptoms are severe enough to seek medical attention.


Nattobiotic, a supplement using raw nattokinase, is a safe dietary supplement that promotes heart and circulatory system health when used correctly.  However, taking Nattobiotic with a pharmaceutical blood-thinner can be very dangerous.  Always discuss any dietary supplement you are taking with your physician, and always use nattokinase wisely. 

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