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Nattokinase dosage

Thousands of people have begun taking Nattovena to ensure they are consuming the best nattokinase available.  Nattokinase is an enzyme that is naturally found in the fermented soybean food called natto, and has been eaten for breakfast in Japan for centuries. 
What is the correct dosage for nattokinase?
Over 4,000 FU's Per Capsule
But what the Japanese find appealing in their food choices are often seen as unappealing to Westerners, and therefore is better obtained in the form of supplements. As with any supplement, the correct amount of raw nattokinase to take may be confusing and differ from person to person, but nattokinase dosage are clearly listed under suggested use on every bottle Nattovena.   
Recommended dosage of nattokinase
Before taking Nattovena, it is important to consult your physician if you are taking any blood-thinners, or are under the care of a physician for any bleeding disorders. The exact dose of nattokinase needed depends on many factors, including a person’s age, reasons for taking it, and the quality of the supplement being consumed. The best nattokinase available to day is usually sold in 100 mg (milligram) capsules, which is about 2,000 FU of the enzyme.  To be safe, it is usually recommended to begin with the smallest dose and then increase it if no unpleasant symptoms appear.   Many health care professionals are suggesting taking up to 4,000 FU of the best nattokinase daily, in divided doses, with one of those being taken at night.  The purpose of dividing the doses of raw nattokinase is that this enzyme typically lasts only 6 – 8 hours in the human body.  By dividing the dose, your body will have longer-lasting effects of nattokinase.
Research on nattokinase dosing
Prior to 1980, the Japanese didn’t really understand that their routine breakfast food was helping their heart and circulatory systems.  In 1980 Dr. Hiroyuki Sumi, who was working at the Chicago University Medical School, discovered that nattokinase was helpful in its ability to promote healthy heart and circulation in humans after studying the effects of various enzymes in 150 different foods. The findings of nattokinase were so amazing that Dr. Sumi stopped the research to focus only on nattokinase.

The original research by Dr. Sumi reported that the soy food natto has an average of 40 fibrinolytic units per gram.  Simply put, the fibrinolytic units determine how much a set amount of fibrin it takes for the enzyme to break up in a test tube.  Clinical trials completed using humans used between 50 and 200 grams of natto daily.  When broken down, that means that humans were safely using anywhere from 2,000 to 8,000 fibrinolytic units per day.  This number would be shown on a bottle of nattokinase supplements as: “8,000 FU/gram,” which means there are 8,000 fibrinolytic units of the enzyme nattokinase in each gram of the supplement.  However, most brands, including Nattobiotic, a product using raw nattokinase, lists their dosages in terms of mg (milligrams), where there are approximately 2,000 FU in each milligram of the best nattokinase in each capsule of Nattobiotic.
Safe use of nattokinase
Nattobiotic is a quality product containing raw Nattokinase, and lists the FU/mg on every bottle they manufacturer.  The manufacturers of Nattobiotic have worked hard to ensure the safety and quality of each and every bottle they sell. 

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