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Side Effects of Nattokinase

If you have considered taking nattokinase but concerned there may be side effects, then you are not alone.  Anything you eat or drink may have potential risks to your health.  No matter how safe a medication or over-the-counter health remedy is, there may be risks associated with it.  If you look at the simplest chemical we consume – water, for instance, you may know that all life requires a substantial amount of water to live.  But for some people who have heart disease, kidney disease, or heart problems, drinking too much water can be harmful, and even fatal. In its extreme form, using water improperly could lead to drowning. While this may seem like a ridiculous analogy, nattokinase from all clinical research and customer accounts is safer than vitamin C.
The best nattokinase
Nattokinase is a naturally occurring and extremely safe enzyme for the general public, but needs to be used with caution if you have any blood clotting disorders or you are currently taking blood thinners to prevent clots from forming.  Nattokinase is a natural enzyme that has been used by the Japanese for over 6,000 years, and is extracted from the fermentation of the soy plant or natto food.  For those who are allergic to soy products, you would not want to use nattokinase.  However, for most people who are not allergic to soy, raw nattokinase can be a helpful supplement with many benefits, and is now available in a product called Nattovena.
What you should know about the side effects of nattokinase
Because nattokinase is a natural enzyme that helps keep blood from forming dangerous blood clots, adding Nattovena to your supplements should only be done after discussing it with your physician if you are taking a prescribed blood-thinner such as Coumadin or aspirin. In some instances and certainly only under your doctors care certain people can reduce the amount of prescription blood thinners and begin to add in more natural and safer ones in their place. 
 The manufacturer of Nattovena, the best nattokinase available, is always concerned about the health of our customers, so we have listed some of the side effects which have been reported through the extensive study of nattokinase.  Although they are not common, the following rarely but occasionally have been reported, and you may need to consult your physician to determine if you are having an adverse effect of nattokinase, or are experiencing  symptoms related to other problems:

·       Severe allergic reactions:  (rash, hives, trouble breathing, itching,
·       Muscle, joint or stomach pain
·       Black, tarry stools
·       Blood in the urine (urine will look pink or brown)
·       Dizziness, fainting
·       Fever
·       Any unusual bleeding from wounds, vaginal, nose or rectum

·       Unusual headache (associated with the enzymes ability to detox the body).

Because Nattovena is made with double the potency of the any of the other commercially manufactured nattokinase products, it is by far the best nattokinase available today.  In comparing pricing as well Nattovena is priced far below many of its competitors.  In the search for supplements that can naturally help your body do the work it was designed to do, it is best to first educate yourself on the benefits of all of the products available so you can make an informed choice.  We are confident that when you compare various brands of nattokinase, you will discover that Nattovena is the safest, most reliable source of nattokinase on the market today.  

Nattokinase dosage

Thousands of people have begun taking Nattovena to ensure they are consuming the best nattokinase available.  Nattokinase is an enzyme that is naturally found in the fermented soybean food called natto, and has been eaten for breakfast in Japan for centuries. 
What is the correct dosage for nattokinase?
Over 4,000 FU's Per Capsule
But what the Japanese find appealing in their food choices are often seen as unappealing to Westerners, and therefore is better obtained in the form of supplements. As with any supplement, the correct amount of raw nattokinase to take may be confusing and differ from person to person, but nattokinase dosage are clearly listed under suggested use on every bottle Nattovena.   
Recommended dosage of nattokinase
Before taking Nattovena, it is important to consult your physician if you are taking any blood-thinners, or are under the care of a physician for any bleeding disorders. The exact dose of nattokinase needed depends on many factors, including a person’s age, reasons for taking it, and the quality of the supplement being consumed. The best nattokinase available to day is usually sold in 100 mg (milligram) capsules, which is about 2,000 FU of the enzyme.  To be safe, it is usually recommended to begin with the smallest dose and then increase it if no unpleasant symptoms appear.   Many health care professionals are suggesting taking up to 4,000 FU of the best nattokinase daily, in divided doses, with one of those being taken at night.  The purpose of dividing the doses of raw nattokinase is that this enzyme typically lasts only 6 – 8 hours in the human body.  By dividing the dose, your body will have longer-lasting effects of nattokinase.
Research on nattokinase dosing
Prior to 1980, the Japanese didn’t really understand that their routine breakfast food was helping their heart and circulatory systems.  In 1980 Dr. Hiroyuki Sumi, who was working at the Chicago University Medical School, discovered that nattokinase was helpful in its ability to promote healthy heart and circulation in humans after studying the effects of various enzymes in 150 different foods. The findings of nattokinase were so amazing that Dr. Sumi stopped the research to focus only on nattokinase.

The original research by Dr. Sumi reported that the soy food natto has an average of 40 fibrinolytic units per gram.  Simply put, the fibrinolytic units determine how much a set amount of fibrin it takes for the enzyme to break up in a test tube.  Clinical trials completed using humans used between 50 and 200 grams of natto daily.  When broken down, that means that humans were safely using anywhere from 2,000 to 8,000 fibrinolytic units per day.  This number would be shown on a bottle of nattokinase supplements as: “8,000 FU/gram,” which means there are 8,000 fibrinolytic units of the enzyme nattokinase in each gram of the supplement.  However, most brands, including Nattobiotic, a product using raw nattokinase, lists their dosages in terms of mg (milligrams), where there are approximately 2,000 FU in each milligram of the best nattokinase in each capsule of Nattobiotic.
Safe use of nattokinase
Nattobiotic is a quality product containing raw Nattokinase, and lists the FU/mg on every bottle they manufacturer.  The manufacturers of Nattobiotic have worked hard to ensure the safety and quality of each and every bottle they sell. 

The Best Nattokinase

I visited my local health food store last week in hopes of finding the best nattokinase available - an enzyme my friends are all raving about.  As I strolled through the isles, I found a few brands with nattokinase listed in the ingredients, but the whole process was confusing.  Even the store clerk, who happened to be chewing gum and talking on his cell phone, was unable to help me.  I left the store, and decided to research nattokinase myself.  I suppose I can’t blame a high school kid for not knowing about the cardiovascular benefits of taking nattokinase.  I had heard great things from friends taking one particular brand of nattokinase called Nattovena.  This is a new supplement that uses only pure nattokinase; but I was still somewhat confused, so kept digging for information.  I have to say I was surprised to find out that Nattovena is the only pure form of the enzyme, and comes from Japan, where it has been used for over 6,000 years.  What did surprise me is that Nattovena is the only raw nattokinase available,  at the same price as bargain brands, and that the company producing it is a superior rating with safety and integrity behind its name. 
Why use Nattovena?
Not all supplement products are created equal.  Some, in fact, use fillers that actually are harmful in order to keeps costs down so they can sell them for less. The companies who do this do not care if the person purchasing their products are benefiting from what they are taking; they are only concerned about selling more and more bottles so they can have hefty profits. The manufacturers of Nattovena, however, not only want to make a living by selling their product, but they also want the person buying to get the promised benefits, and remain healthy
Why take Nattokinase? 
It is well known that the Japanese have a significant lower rate of high blood pressure, strokes and heart problems.  Many people have studied their lifestyle to see what Westerner’s may be missing.  Although a diet high in fish and low in carbohydrates and sugar has played a part, research also shows that the Japanese have been consuming an enzyme called nattokinase for centuries.  This enzyme helps keep the blood from clotting, and is called a “clot buster” by natural healthcare practitioners.  Nattokinase is an enzyme that is extracted out of the fermentation of the soy product natto.  Although natto is available in other countries, Japan’s natto remains the superior product in its raw form. 
Doesn't Aspirin do the same thing?
Aspirin works by making blood cells less sticky so they don’t stick together.  Nattokinase works by dissolving the tiny strands of mesh called fibrin that cause blood clots to form by sticking together. If a person experiences an injury causing bleeding, a blood clot forms to stop that blood vessel from bleeding too much.  If the blood clot does not stop forming, it can move into the blood stream and cause a stroke or heart attack.  By taking Nattovena, you would safely be preventing this from happening.
Nattovena is the best nattokinase available, at quality supplement stores and over the Internet, and is the only supplement presently available that uses Pure nattokinase, leaving out all of the corn or rice fillers. 

Nattokinase Scam

Call me a pessimist, but I just can’t help but think that all of the hype associated with the supplement nattokinase is just one more scam to get into my pocketbook.  With all of the hundreds of bottles of “stuff” available on shelves today, how can anyone believe any of it works?  How do I know that a bottle of nattokinase is nothing more than a bottle full of sugar pills?  After all, if all of these pretty-packaged supplements worked, why are some people still sick?
The truth of nattokinase
Of the thousands of dietary supplements available throughout the world, very few have been researched as extensively as the enzyme nattokinase.  Nattokinase has been consumed by Japanese citizens for over 6,000 years, but has only recently been identified as a helpful enzyme worthy of being gathered and manufactured as a dietary supplement.  The world has known for a long time that the people who lived in Japan have had a very low incidence of heart and circulatory problems, and high blood pressure was almost unheard of.  In 1980, while studying the effects of over 150 foods, Dr. Hiroyuki Sumi at the Chicago University Medical School discovered that raw nattokinase, an enzyme found in the cheesy-like fermented substance of the soy food natto which the Japanese routinely eat for breakfast, was helpful in its ability to promote healthy circulation, and keep blood from forming dangerous clots.  At that time, Dr. Sumi stopped studying the other 149 foods, and focused his research on the best nattokinase.
Research on nattokinase
After Dr. Sumi published his results in a professional journal, many people began to research nattokinase.  The results of each research study have had amazing positive results.  Researchers used rats, dogs and humans during their trials.  The initial purpose of the studies was to determine if taking specific amounts of raw nattokinase would help stop the formation of blood clots which can cause strokes and heart attacks.  After years of studies, the consensus was yes - nattokinase did indeed have the ability to help the body avoid developing dangerous blood clots. 
As time passed, additional studies have been conducted on nattokinase.  In 1995 in Japan, and again in 1998 in Korea, studies showed promising results for travelers.  Both studies used humans to experiment with taking nattokinase supplements before they traveled on very long airplane flights.  Of those who took the nattokinase, none developed the blood clots that sometimes form from sitting in cramped seats for many hours. 
Is nattokinase helpful or a scam?
The amount of research conducted on nattokinase definitely proves that it is not a scam. However, your personal physician should always be consulted before adding even the best nattokinase to your dietary supplements if you are taking prescribed blood thinners. 

To ensure safety, be sure you are purchasing a quality product such as Nattobiotic, the best nattokinase available.  Made from raw nattokinase, Nattobiotic uses no harmful fillers, and is produced by a company who prides itself in quality of their products. 

Nattokinase Safety–Guaranteed with Nattobiotic

The supplement nattokinase has recently begun to be a highly sought after dietary supplement within the health food industry.
When a fairly unknown substance or product suddenly becomes popular, many corporations rush to get into the game so they can take advantage of the current sales market.  It happened in the 1950’s with the invention of the hula-hoop, and continues today with new items hitting shelves daily.
 The problem with the free-market strategy when you are talking about a product such as nattokinase, is that many companies are not experienced in producing supplements, nor are they concerned with the quality of the ingredients going into each product.  Because the FDA does not regulate the manufacturing of over-the-counter supplements such as nattokinase, consumers must be sure to research the source of the raw nattokinase, and how experienced the company is in manufacturing supplements.
Nattobiotic – the best nattokinase
Nattobiotic is the brand name of the best nattokinase available, and presently the only supplement containing raw nattokinase. Workers who are responsible for manufacturing Nattobiotic are highly valued employees, and run the pristine plants with the same rigid guidelines required under FDA guidelines. You won’t find harmful fillers, Pthalates, common allergens, or other unnecessary ingredients within Nattobiotic capsules.
Why use nattokinase?
It has been well known that the Japanese have experienced an extremely low rate of heart disease, strokes, and high blood pressure when compared to Westerners.  In 1980, Dr. Hiroyuki Sumi discovered that nattokinase, which is an enzyme produced in the cheesy substance that results from fermenting natto, a soy product, was beneficial to the heart and circulatory system.  Dr. Sumi had been testing the benefits of 150 different foods when he learned that the food called natto, which is eaten as a breakfast food in Japan, seemed to work in a similar fashion as blood-thinners.  Hundreds of studies have been conducted on animals and humans since 1980, and all have produced promising results.  The most recent studies are testing the formation of blood clots in people who travel by air for very long flights, which can lead to formation of blood clots from pressure of sitting and inactivity.  To date, these studies have shown that nattokinase may prevent travelers from developing those life-threatening blood clots.
Safety of nattokinase
All medications, supplements, and devices available to consumers have certain risks associated with them.  If you purchase a car, for instance, statistics show that you most likely will never be in an accident; however, it is possible.  Every human body is different, and what can make one person ill won’t bother another.  Research proves that nattokinase helps the heart and circulatory system run smoother.  Nattobiotic, the brand name of a raw nattokinase, is an extremely safe and reliable product, and has been proven so in the hundreds of years it has been consumed.  If nattokinase sounds like a supplement that may benefit your needs, please be sure to read the labels, obtain approval from your physician if you are on pharmaceutical medications, and purchase a quality product such as Nattobiotic.

Nattokinase and Blood Pressure

Nattokinase is a supplement that is readily available in most health food stores, and recently has been recommended by natural healthcare practitioners to help control high blood pressure.  As with any over-the-counter medication, consumers need to understand not only if a product really works, but how it works, and if there are side effects to watch for.  Because the FDA does not regulate non-prescription supplements, caution must be used before purchasing over-the-counter medications.   Fortunately, nattokinase is a supplement that has been involved in many research studies in several countries with positive results on lowering blood pressure.

What is nattokinase

Nattokinase is an enzyme that is a product of the fermentation of a soy product called natto.  Japanese have consumed natto for centuries, but only realized the positive effects on their heart and circulatory systems when Dr. Hiroyuki Sumi, in 1980, discovered the positive effects of nattokinase on the circulatory system while studying 150 different foods in a Chicago-based research study.

Research of nattokinase and blood pressure

The first official study completed on nattokinase and blood pressure was conducted in 1995.  Researches from Miyazaki Medical College and Kurashiki University of Science and Arts in Japan studied the effects of nattokinase on blood pressure- first in animals, and then in humans.  Initially, male rats were given a single dose of nattokinase.  The results were that most of the rats showed a 12 % drop in systolic blood pressure after two hours.  After the positive effects of nattokinase in rats, the research team gave 30 grams of lyophilized extract (best nattokinase) to human volunteers who had existing high blood pressure.  Most of the people studied had a drop of 10% in their blood pressure within two hours!  Many more studies have had positive results of nattokinase on blood pressure, including one in 1998 conducted in Yonsei University Research Institute of Science for Aging in Seoul, Korea.  This study was done with 89 humans from ages 29 to 89 that had existing high blood pressure.  The results of the research proved that most of the people taking nattokinase had a marked improvement in their blood pressure while those taking placebos had no changes. 

Is nattokinase safe?

You should consult your physician before beginning any supplement to be sure you are not using a substance that could interact with another medication you are taking.  Nattokinase does help dissolve blood clots, and should not be taken with pharmaceutical blood-thinning medications such as Coumadin.
The safety of any non-regulated supplement can depend on many factors such as quality of ingredients used, number of fillers in the capsule, and proper labeling of bottles.  Nattobiotic is a product developed using raw nattokinase, and is manufactured by a company who prides itself in providing only the best nattokinase available.  The ingredients in Nattobiotic are superior to anything else available on the market, and are manufactured in a tightly-controlled, GMP facility. Supplying superior products while maintaining the safety of the consumer is the motto built into every bottle of Nattobiotic

Nattokinase Dangers

The word on the street is that the supplement called Nattobiotic is
the newest available product containing raw nattokinase, and is quickly disappearing from the shelves of stores that carry it.  Because Nattobiotic has the best nattokinase available on the market, it is no wonder people are rushing to purchase it.

Why use Nattobiotic

Many companies are placing dietary supplements containing nattokinase on their shelves today.  How does a consumer decide which one to purchase?  Aren’t they all basically the same?  The answer to that question is NO, not all supplements are the same.  The FDA does not regulate dietary supplements, so the factories where they are produced are not checked, and the quality of ingredients used can vary.  Nattobiotic uses raw nattokinase from only the highest quality sources available.  There are no dangerous fillers in the capsules of Nattobiotic, so consumers can be assured that they are consuming the best nattokinase available.

Can Nattokinase be dangerous to take?

Nattokinase is an enzyme that is derived from the cheesy substance obtained from fermented soybeans called natto. This food has been consumed in Japan for thousands of years, and has probably been one factor in the low rate of heart disease, high blood pressure, and strokes among the Japanese.  Nattokinase is a natural supplement that helps prevent the formation of blood clots inside our bodies, which can be responsible for heart attacks and strokes.

When taking the best nattokinase as directed, it can have a positive effect on your heart and circulatory health.  However, taking taking it with certain medications such as blood thinners can be extremely dangerous. 

What are the dangers of taking nattokinase?

Our body produces an enzyme called plasmin that dissolves and breaks down a substance called fibrin so that our blood flows through our systems efficiently. Plasmin is produced all throughout our circulatory system, but production slows down as we age. Nattobiotic, a brand name of raw nattokinase, helps increase the amount and efficiency of plasmin. In essence, nattokinase helps to naturally thin the blood.

A possible danger of taking nattokinase occurs when someone who is already taking blood-thinning medication such as Coumadin or Plavix, also takes nattokinase without their doctor’s knowledge.  Mixing prescribed blood-thinners and nattokinase could create a very dangerous situation where a person may not be able to stop bleeding.   Unfortunately, the damage could become life-threatening before the symptoms are severe enough to seek medical attention.


Nattobiotic, a supplement using raw nattokinase, is a safe dietary supplement that promotes heart and circulatory system health when used correctly.  However, taking Nattobiotic with a pharmaceutical blood-thinner can be very dangerous.  Always discuss any dietary supplement you are taking with your physician, and always use nattokinase wisely.