Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Side Effects of Nattokinase

If you have considered taking nattokinase but concerned there may be side effects, then you are not alone.  Anything you eat or drink may have potential risks to your health.  No matter how safe a medication or over-the-counter health remedy is, there may be risks associated with it.  If you look at the simplest chemical we consume – water, for instance, you may know that all life requires a substantial amount of water to live.  But for some people who have heart disease, kidney disease, or heart problems, drinking too much water can be harmful, and even fatal. In its extreme form, using water improperly could lead to drowning.
The best nattokinase
Raw nattokinase is another substance that is natural occurring and fairly safe, but needs to be used with caution if you have any medical problems or known allergies.  Nattokinase is a natural enzyme that has been used by the Japanese for over 6,000 years, and is extracted from the fermentation of the soy plant natto.  For those who are allergic to soy products, you would not want to use nattokinase.  However, for most people who are not allergic to soy, raw nattokinase can be a helpful supplement with many benefits, and is now available in a product called Nattobiotic.
Because nattokinase is a natural enzyme that helps keep blood from forming dangerous blood clots, adding Nattobiotic to your supplements should only be done after discussing it with your physician if you are taking a prescribed blood-thinner such as Coumadin or aspirin.
 The manufacturer of Nattobiotic, the best nattokinase available, is always concerned about the health of our customers, so we have listed some of the side effects which have been reported through the extensive study of nattokinase.  Although they are not common, the following rarely but occasionally have been reported, and you may need to consult your physician to determine if you are having an adverse effect of nattokinase, or are experiencing  symptoms related to other problems:
·        Severe allergic reactions:  (rash, hives, trouble breathing, itching,
·        swelling of the mouth, tongue, lips or face, trouble swallowing)
·        Muscle, joint or stomach pain
·        Black, tarry stools
·        Blood in the urine (urine will look pink or brown)
·        Dizziness, fainting
·        Fever
·        Pale skin
·        Confusion, slurred speech, one-sided weakness (stroke symptoms)
·        Yellow colored of skin or eyes
·        Any unusual bleeding from wounds, vaginal, nose or rectum
·        Sudden, unexplained pain in your legs (especially your calves or toes)
·        Unusual headache

Because Nattobiotic is made with raw nattokinase, it is by far the best nattokinase available today.  In the search for supplements that can naturally help your body do the work it was designed to do, it is best to first educate yourself on the benefits of all of the products available so you can make an informed choice.  We are confident that when you compare various brands of nattokinase, you will discover that Nattobiotic is the safest, most reliable source of raw nattokinase on the market today.  

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  1. This stuff truly works, im a 21 year old with major dvts. Was perscribed pradaxa and they told me my body would eventually breakdown the clots below my knee that they could not get. 3 months later and it was still there. So I started taking nattokinase every morning on an empty stomach and I could see results in two Weeks! Results were that my right leg was no longer swollen. Your doctor will never tell you about this, so you have to do your own research, good luck!