Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Best Nattokinase

I visited my local health food store last week in hopes of finding the best nattokinase available - an enzyme my friends are all raving about.  As I strolled through the isles, I found a few brands with nattokinase listed in the ingredients, but the whole process was confusing.  Even the store clerk, who happened to be chewing gum and talking on his cell phone, was unable to help me.  I left the store, and decided to research nattokinase myself.  I suppose I can’t blame a high school kid for not knowing about the cardiovascular benefits of taking nattokinase.  I had heard great things from friends taking one particular brand of nattokinase called Nattovena.  This is a new supplement that uses only pure nattokinase; but I was still somewhat confused, so kept digging for information.  I have to say I was surprised to find out that Nattovena is the only pure form of the enzyme, and comes from Japan, where it has been used for over 6,000 years.  What did surprise me is that Nattovena is the only raw nattokinase available,  at the same price as bargain brands, and that the company producing it is a superior rating with safety and integrity behind its name. 
Why use Nattovena?
Not all supplement products are created equal.  Some, in fact, use fillers that actually are harmful in order to keeps costs down so they can sell them for less. The companies who do this do not care if the person purchasing their products are benefiting from what they are taking; they are only concerned about selling more and more bottles so they can have hefty profits. The manufacturers of Nattovena, however, not only want to make a living by selling their product, but they also want the person buying to get the promised benefits, and remain healthy
Why take Nattokinase? 
It is well known that the Japanese have a significant lower rate of high blood pressure, strokes and heart problems.  Many people have studied their lifestyle to see what Westerner’s may be missing.  Although a diet high in fish and low in carbohydrates and sugar has played a part, research also shows that the Japanese have been consuming an enzyme called nattokinase for centuries.  This enzyme helps keep the blood from clotting, and is called a “clot buster” by natural healthcare practitioners.  Nattokinase is an enzyme that is extracted out of the fermentation of the soy product natto.  Although natto is available in other countries, Japan’s natto remains the superior product in its raw form. 
Doesn't Aspirin do the same thing?
Aspirin works by making blood cells less sticky so they don’t stick together.  Nattokinase works by dissolving the tiny strands of mesh called fibrin that cause blood clots to form by sticking together. If a person experiences an injury causing bleeding, a blood clot forms to stop that blood vessel from bleeding too much.  If the blood clot does not stop forming, it can move into the blood stream and cause a stroke or heart attack.  By taking Nattovena, you would safely be preventing this from happening.
Nattovena is the best nattokinase available, at quality supplement stores and over the Internet, and is the only supplement presently available that uses Pure nattokinase, leaving out all of the corn or rice fillers. 

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